Gui Rice Noodle front door

Gui Rice Noodle

Gui Rice Noodle is an authentic Chinese noodle restaurant located in Shop 21. They specialise in serving Gui Lin Rice Noodles, in a variety of options – with or without soup, or even fried. In the past eight years at Queens Court, Gui Rice noodles have built up a large following of customers within the Chinese ex-pat community in Auckland.  

The star dish has got to be the renowned Luosifen, a popular and spicy Chinese noodle that originates from the streets of Guangxi. This delicacy is made with pickled bamboo shoot shreds, with the rich umami flavour coming from a combination of river snail and pork bone broth. A must-try for any noodle enthusiast. 

21/368 Queen Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010
New Zealand

021 537 499