Lihua Cuisine front door

Lihua Cuisine

Lihua Cuisine is a Chinese restaurant located at Shop 19, popular due to its diverse menu and efficient service. On offer are a variety of spicy Sichuan and Hunan dishes, from the famous Hui Guo Rou (Twice Cooked Pork) to their Spicy Fried Chicken. For those who prefer a milder option, one favourite dish with discerning locals is the Chinese Braised Pork Hock on Rice, where the rich flavour and perfectly balanced sauce complement the rice.

Whether you crave the boldness of Sichuan and Hanan cuisine or prefer a less-hot option, Lihua Cuisine offers an authentic and satisfying Chinese dining experience.

19/368 Queen Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010

New Zealand

027 538 8306